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Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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The new lens profiles for Irix 11mm and 15mm



TH Swiss company, listening to the requests and inqueries from their customers, officially announces the availability of the updated correction profiles for Irix 11mm and 15mm lenses to use with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software.


The update concerns the improvement of the correction data for distortion and vignetting. Moreover, the way of displaying the profiles inside of Adobe program has changed. Earlier versions of the profiles required finding Irix lenses in camera's manufacturer tab, while in current version you can find both models of Irix lenses listed in dedicated tab called „Irix”. The profiles package for both lenses is now ready to download from the website irixlens.com on subpage: UpdatesDownloadsOthers.


Especially for Irix lenses users, TH Swiss prepared two video tutorials to explain how to install and use Irix profiles on Windows and Mac Computers. These video tutorials can be found at Irix YouTube account: www.youtube.com/irixlens





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